We have cut material from woods brought in to us from family farms, a tree planted in someone's yard for a special reason, trees from an unknown variety, and just about anything else you can think of. Our work focuses around custom and unusual things.  We can cut whatever customers want. We have hundreds of profiles available to us and can have knives made to our specs for specific needs. We also do custom straight line and resaw work for anyone that has a project of their own or contractors needing this service. Send us an email or give us a call and we can help you with any project large or small. Alpine Moulding & Trim was started in 2005 as an addition to existing business's we currently owned, Cody Overhead Door & Wyoming Sprinkler.

We have always had direct ties to the construction community through these business's and felt it would be a worthwhile addition. Since the inception we have come a long way in producing some of the finest custom moulding for area contractors as well replication work for areas with historical or nostalgic values.   
Through the years we have added additional equipment to compliment our Weinig moulder. The moulder is state of the art German engineering, and cuts precise products quickly and efficiently.

We also have a Hi-Point 12" horizontal resaw for making custom lumber out of specific or customer woods, a Holytek straight line rip saw, and an Oliver 24" planer for the same purpose. As well as a Timesaver 37" wide belt sander.
The base product for any finely finished wood can vary from a raw log to supplied dimension lumber.  We take the rough product, should it be the tree or the dimension lumber, and begin the process of transforming it into whatever moulding, wainscot, or other finished product the customer wants.

It is amazing how beautiful the lumber is from some fruit, native, and unusual tree species.  Even a tree taken out of your front yard can beautify the interior of your home. More info...
Alpine Moulding and Trim, a division of Wyoming Sprinkler, Cody, WY
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