Installation Details

Moulding Installation Instructions: 

Below are some simple instructions to help make your project easier and the finished product look better.

  1. It is easier to finish the wood before installing it, but make sure and let it dry thoroughly before installation.
  2. It is best to put a sealing finish on the underside or non-visible side, as well, to keep the product from taking on moisture resulting in possible warping or movement. A clear sanding sealer can be used.

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Wainscott installation   Step 1: Cut to desired length and attach pre-notched base to wall section to be covered with wainscotting. Pre drill all holes to prevent splitting. Trim screws or finish nails can be used to attach the base. Countersink all nails and screws so the holes can be puttied to match the wood when the project is complete. Be careful not to split the wood.
wainscoting installation tips   Step 2: Cut wainscott to desired height (don't forget to add the cap and base) and slide into the notched dado of the base. Make sure tongue and groove are pushed tightly together. Occasionally measure to your stopping point horizontally from the top and the bottom of your wainscott so you can adjust you boards slightly to prevent a gap from the top to the bottom at the finish. If necessary, small amounts (just dots) of construction adhesive can be applied to the back of the wainscott to prevent any movement.
diy wainscott installation alpine moulding   Step 3: Add the pre-notched chair-rail/cap over the tongue and groove panels. It is a good idea to check the level of the cap by measuring from the floor up to the top of the cap or use a level, to make sure everything will line up when you are finished. If necessary the cap can be adjusted up a little on either end to match wall paper lines or other existing items in the room. Pre drill and nail tightly into place through heaviest section of chair-rail. Nailing should be spaced to hit the studs behind drywall or into another solid backing material that will hold nails. Now stand back and admire your work, you're done!
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