Custom Moulding

custom moulding


Alpine Moulding & Trim offers custom moulding & custom trim for your project or remodel!

We can cut profiles to match existing mouldings for remodeling
work that will match exactly to the original.



The Process

custom moulding custom wainscot alpine cody wyomingThe base product for any finely finished wood can vary from a raw log, to supplied dimension lumber.  We take the rough product, should it be the tree or the dimension lumber, and begin the process of transforming it into whatever moulding, wainscot, or other finished product the customer wants.  We start by determining the size required for the finished product and add enough to ensure clean, sharp edges, complete profiles, and a smooth finish.  Once we know that, we start by straight lining the lumber and then cutting it to the appropriate width required with our Holytek straight line rip saw.  
Should the finished wood be required to be a lot thinner product than the originating stock we will resaw it to a closer dimension with our Hi-Point horizontal resaw to possibly get more than one finished piece at a time.  Once everything is sized properly we have to adjust/set-up moulder heads and knives to produce the exact profile required, produce several test runs, and begin the milling for the final product.  After it has been determined everything is set correctly we can transform ordinary wood into pristine mouldings at the rate of 32 feet a minute.
If the product requested is really a special item and comes in as a basic log we will have the log cut into slabs of the correct thickness and then start the above process.  We add an additional step in planing it some with our Oliver planer to get the roughest saw marks out before milling it to guarantee a quality finish.  It is amazing how beautiful the lumber is from some fruit, native, and unusual tree species.  Even a tree taken out of your front yard can beautify the interior of your home. 
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